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>> that does it for us today. thanks for joining us everybody. jon: merck live starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. we're awaiting white house reaction anytime to dramatic developments in the middle east. riots breaking out in egypt after president morsi effectively declares himself a dictator. welcome to "america live", everyone. hope you had a nice thanksgiving. now back to the news. i'm megyn kelly. that press briefing, the very first before after the thanksgiving holidays. there is a lot to talk about. the middle east will be a hot topic. this is what it looked like over in cairo over the weekend while you were with your family probably not paying too much attention to the news. but, boy, things are
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unfolding there in a major way with thousands of angry demonstrators calling president morsi, the new pharaoh and raising questions about our relationship with what was once a critical ally in the region. steve harrigan streaming live from cairo where we've been watching the crowds get bigger and bigger in tahrir square. steve? >> reporter: megyn, it looks like president morsi is trying to give the appearance trying to find a way out of the situation, some sort of compromise from the firestorm he set off four days ago with a order basically says any decrease he issues are positive the law, not subject to being evoked by egyptian courts. he is meeting with chief justices in cairo looking for some sort of compromise solution, perhaps limiting that decree but the big question whether any limits or talk of compromise will be enough for people that have come out on the streets. in the past four days we've street violence not only here in cairo but across edwimt. at least 400 people woungeded
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at least one killed. offices of the muslim brotherhood have been ransacked or set on fire. those who support the president and those who oppose him are planning major street demonstrations tomorrow. without any compromise we could see more street violence in the next 24 hours. megyn, back to you. megyn: steve harrigan, thank you. keep us updated. well the move by morsi came immediate after president obama publicly praised morsi for his role in brokering the truce between israel and hamas militants. so what is this guy morsery really up to? he goes in. sweeps into hamas. he will be the savior. will help broker a peace deal, meanwhile with the other hand back in egypt he is guilty of a huge power grab that makes him awful lot like a dictator in what was supposed to be a more democratic egypt. so what happens now with the country we currently support with almost $2 billion in foreign aid? ambassador john bolton was one of the very first to
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warn, be careful what you wish for when the arab spring drove morsi's predecessor, mubarak, from power. that guy was basically a dictator too but he was a pro-western dictator. now there is a question whether we have upgraded and whether the egyptian people have. we'll ask ambassador bolton what he thinks. in washington we're hearing new concerns over the fate of the recently ramped up budget talks in washington and what they're talking about is your money and how much they're going to take. after a growing number of liberal democrats now say they would rather see a series of automatic tax hikes punish all americans rather than to agree to spending cuts or deals they don't like and they believe compromise their principles. this comes despite warnings from the congressional budget office that the tax hikes now about to take place could throw the economy back into recession. two million more americans could be left out of a job and most troubling of all according to the pentagon,
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the country's national security would be in serious jeopardy. if congress and the white house do not act. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor p.o.w. or play on they cut the deal that put the automatic spending cuts in place and these automatic tax hikes in place thinking this will never happen. they went back, said all right, now that we have it in place let's try to fix it. well they failed. there wasn't the political will to deal with it at the time they passed. there wasn't the political will at the time they tried to deal with it and it was a complete political debach kill. now you have some people saying let it happen. the let's see what happens. we may be in a better negotiating pitch if we let it happen and american people are the ones who are going to pay. >> well, megyn, these are not just rank-and-file democrats talking about this. patty murray, who is the head of the senate democrats campaign arm. these are democrats who say,
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hey look, if the republican won't yield, if though won't give us what we want is increase in tax rates, for a lot of democrats that includes increase in tax rates with no give back on spending cuts as it relates to entitlement programs from medicare, if they don't get what they want let the country go over the cliff, let the car jump off the cliff. then they will be in a stronger position to negotiate for the tax increases that they want on the other side. this can't be good news for the president who desperately needs to have a deal done so that he does not see the country plunged into fresh recession just as he is sworn into office. megyn: but now there are some who are predicting okay, yes even though this would be calamitous, it wouldn't be that calamitous if we got into january, it happened but only happened for a few weeks. then they struck a deal. the thinking of these democrats, reportedly, chris, the republicans are going to be much more likely to strike a deal if the tax hikes have automatically taken place on january 1,
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than then can swoop in as saviors who lower tax rates on everybody after they secretly just hiked them? we won't understand what just happened. >> well, there is some of that that the, what the republicans would be able to do thin would be, instead of having to ever vote for a tax increase or a package that includes a tax increase, that the ship goes down but then you come back right away and do it but here's the problem it never really has been what is in the package. you're talking about $1.6 trillion over a decade. yes it is a lot of money, as you say if you do it week by week not like we are plunged into darkness the second we hit january 1st. the issue here though is that all this can kicking that you described, all of this pushing things down the road further and further and further down the road means what? means that the stakes are high and markets are watching and investors are watching and the world is watching. if they can't get the job done, if they have to jump the cliff before anything that can happen, this will
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be the strongest sign yet that the president, that the reaffirmed status quo, gridlock status quo in washington by voters can't work. that would be very bad news for everybody. megyn: it is not only tax hikes on everybody, first wally everybody but it is major, massive defense cut, defense cuts which the defense department is warning you can't do. it is payroll tax cut. it is jobless benefits will be cut. reimbursement rates for doctors who take medicare patients with the so-called doc fix. that will jeopardize potential care according to dr. seeing he will if. there are all sorts of things, it is easy to say, let it happen but, you know, it is hard to believe they will find the split call will they haven't been able to find because we start to dangle off the cliff as opposed to just approaching it. am i wrong? >> lawmakers do love to do nothing. they're very good at that. in this case doing nothing has some appeal. the consequences, speaker of
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the house john boehner and the president both know what happens in the future for them in what they're doing will be made much harder if they can't demonstrate they have the will now to at least get a framework deal together. that is just the way that that is. but the problem that they face is that very liberal democrats and very conservative republicans are going to look at them and say, if it is not a good enough deal we're willing to go off the cliff even if what that means most americans suffer a consequence, whether it is in the things that you described or in their 401(k)s as markets plunge. megyn: what happens to, what happens to the money that gets collected? looks like somebody will pay more in taxes whether it is the rich or rich first and then others, you know, once they start to tax one group historically others are not immune. >> well --. megyn: where does the money go? does it all go to the deficit, or to the debt? >> no. megyn: because we, a lot of americans think, all right, i want to help my fellow citizens and i don't like
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this national debt but you know who i don't want to help? i don't want to have jeff neely to have another trip to the hot tub and drink his red wine. >> forgotten about him. megyn: the feds shown propensity for misspending the people's money. >> well, think about this. we're talking about, we have a government that runs a trillion dollar deficit every year. that borrows more than three cents of every dollar it spends. here we're talking about a deal that would be 1.6 trillion over 10 years. talking about $160 billion a year. it is just, just littlest scratch in the surface when you talk about long-term debt and different sits. this is being made out to be a big deal but this money will get you can ised pretty fast. megyn: look at the fight we have over just that. can you imagine the fight we would have if we really tried to tackle the $16 trillion debt? chris, great to see you. >> good to see you. megyn: we have a disturbing follow-up to a story we've been following from mexico where a very brave woman
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dared to defy the drug cartels. she volunteered to be the mayor in a town under siege when everyone else was too afraid. she kept up the fight after not one, but two assassination attempts by the drug lords. but the story does not end well. trace gallagher live in los angeles with more of the trace? >> reporter: this really is, megyn the epitome of tenacity and dedication. this woman is being called the hero for the 21st century. her name is maria santos, 36 years old, she came the a mayor of a city outside mexico city in 2008 because nobody else would. she stepped down last year to run for congress so she could continue to fight the cartels. she lost that election. she has been missing for two weeks and now her body has been found along a desolate road. the cause of death was a blow to the head. but her legs and hands were bound. she had been stabbed and there were clear signs of torture. this was the third time she was attacked by drug gangs.
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in 2009 she and her husband came under fire. she survived. her husband was killed. a year later a van she was riding in was riddled with 30 bullets, three of them struck her and the scars were so bad on her body she published the pictures to show how brutal the cartels were. she was the mother of three young children and that's why she pressed on saying and i'm quoting here, it is not possible for me to surrender when i have three children whom i have to educate by setting an example and she was a true example. the mexican authorities are investigating this murder but admittedly they solve very few if any murders by the cartels. since this drug war began in 2006, megyn, the death toll is above 50,000, including 24 mayors and 43 other elected representatives. megyn? megyn: unbelievable. unbelieveable story. and what courage she had and
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what an example she set for those three children. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: wow! with coming up in just a bit, a serious challenge for the obama administration and one of the key components of the health care law. 16 states now say they will not set up the required health care exchanges. they're supposed to be like an orbitz. you go on. this is what i need and they give you the choices for health insurance, those are the exchanges. the states were supposed to set them up. 16 states said we'll not do it. we'll leave it to the feds. congress didn't plan for that. that is creating big problems and causing new questions for the law. we'll talk about it. plus controversial confetti at the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. turns out some of the confetti, you can not make it up, may have been shredded police records, complete with personal information like social security numbers and bank accounts. we investigate. a shocking revelation that investigators in the
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casey anthony failed to look at most of what was on casey's computer. and appeared to have missed critical information, raising questions about her a quittal. how could they do this? could they now reopen the case? "kelly's court" take as new look. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all dated orlando, orange county, florida, on the fifth day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. of a heart healthy d. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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megyn: well a serious new challenge facing president obama's health care law. and that portion of it that requires states to set up their own health insurance exchanges. basically allow the buyers out there who don't have holt insurance and need it to compare different types of health insurance plans and then purchase them accordingly. like i said before the break it is like an orbitz where you buy a cheap airline
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ticket. this is where you say i want to go and they pump up a bunch options and you choose the one you want. that is how it is supposed to work. 16 state governors say they will not do it, come up with their own systems. they're leaving it up to the feds. there may be as high as 25 states punting at least in part for the feds to do. what is are the implications for that. we have the president of american commitment and author of book, democracy denied. he has been talking to us a while about the health care law and some of the potential pitfalls of it you've been warning about, phil. apparently these states say we don't want to do it, we don't have to do it and feds can step in and do it instead. so what is the problem? why can't the feds do it and that's that? >> these are more complicated than they sound. they have to interface with the state medicaid system and irs systems to figure out eligibility for the new subsidies in the new health care law. they will run between 10 and
10:18 am
$100 million a year in each state to run these. this is not a simple thing this is not off the shelf software. there is complex bureaucracy and regulate all the new regulations of the federal law and be compliant with the state regulations in each state. many states looked at rules out of the fed, guys, you will micromanage every aspect of this but we have to pay for it that doesn't make any sense for us. it is your mess and deal with it. they dumped it back on the feds. they don't have the money or mon power to do it and i think this whole law could unravel. megyn: really? >> at least in the states. if they get the things up and running and if they are effective in any way. megyns other aspect there is legal challenge oklahoma has brought. they argue that the irs rule that provides subsidies in federally run exchanges is unlawful. i think they have a very strong argument for that. if they prevail, there might not be new obamacare subsidies in the states that don't set up exchanges. megyn: to translate that into real person english,
10:19 am
that means to the extent the obama administration is subsidizing these health care plans, there is question whether that's legal if these health care exchanges are run by the feds as opposed to the states. now you've got 16 to 25 states that will have the feds involved in some part. it raises a new constitutional question behind this law. i want to ask you this. you say hhs, health and human services doesn't have the dough. they don't have the money to set up all the exchanges for the 16 plus states. i read that they, that they were allocated a billion dollars to implement the exchanges. is that enough for 16 states? they have to about get it done by january of 14. >> well the law provided a billion dollars in grants to states to set up state exchanges. it provides zero for the federally-run exchanges. that proves that congress thought all 50 states would be eager to go ahead and do this. of course it hasn't turned out that way. they have no specific funding for federally-run exchanges. they're trying to reprogram
10:20 am
fund from different places. as more and more pile up and gets up to 15, 16, maybe 20 or more states there is real question whether there is any way they can get this done. the logistical challenge in terms of staffing getting this done makes me very skeptical they will meet the timeline and these things will be up and running by 2014. then really all bets are off. you will be required to buy a plan from a exchange that may or may not exist in your state. it is unclear how that will be interpreted. >> what will they do? if hhs has to set up exchanges in every state and they don't have the money, where do they get the money and is it from the federal taxpayer? >> there are only two possibilities and they can go to congress to appropriate fund to do this. that is very unlikely to work with republicans running the house of representatives. they have to somehow reprogram uncommitted funds elsewhere in the government and there are a couple of contingency funds set up in the health care law they have been trying to use for that purpose so far but i don't really think there is enough money there to get
10:21 am
all the state, federal exchanges built for the states. and so if they don't have the money and the sites don't really get built or aren't working well i think it will be a big challenge for supporters of this law to show it can be workable. megyn: the web sites you have to go on, comparing it to orbitz or whatever, expedia, that website will give a user experience to make your choices. sort of substantive work behind it that will help inform what you're looking at, wow! phil, thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. megyn: more on that as we get it. new fallout today on the confetti controversy from the macy's thanksgiving day parade. imagine having a grand ol' time while you're watching the parade and down upon you rain a bunch of people's social security numbers. that is probably not what they meant to include in the confetti that rained down. people are not happy. pop star justin bieber coming under fire for what he war while meeting with the canadian prime minister. that story, as long as you
10:22 am
stay with us, next.
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megyn: pop star justin bieber dressed down in more ways than one. the 18-year-old star blasted in the blogosphere for his attire at an award ceremony with canadian prime minister steven hearter. check it out. one commentator branded him the quote, white trash prince for wearing overalls and a baseball cap. hmmm. the beebs accepting the diamond jubilee medal, an
10:26 am
award giving for canadians living abroad. the wardrobe fail compared to the 2005 the northwestern university women's lacrosse team visited the white house. several players wore flip-flops. following outcry the women explained they planned to auction off the flip-flops to for a fund with a little girl for a brain tumor. we'll see if the beebs considers a similar gesture. a shocking discovery at the macy's thanksgiving day parade when a college student finds what appears to be confidential personal information including social security numbers on the strips of confetti being distributed to the public. trace gallagher has more. really, trace? really? >> reporter: that college student you're talking about megyn was watching the macy's thanksgiving parade on west side, manhattan upper westside. he was with a girl. he noticed she had a piece of confetti on the jacket. he picked it off. he looked at it. there was a full
10:27 am
social security number. owe thought this has to be one in a million. he bends down and goes through confetti. what else does he find? he find other pieces of paper with full social security numbers did and that is not it. owe found phone numbers, license plate numbers. employee i.d.'s. even police report records. he was a little surprised. listen to him. >> it was very shocking to me that such sensitive material could go out to, at the things giving day parade nonetheless, an event with million people in it. >> doesn't even take a hacker. just somebody picking up stuff off the street to find your information. >> reporter: grab it right off the street. he and others notified authorities. turned out to be from the nassau county police department, you know on long island? it is unclear because they wouldn't tell us. they were kind of short with us. wouldn't tell us how their records became shredded up and became confetti in the macy's parade but they did issue a statement saying,
10:28 am
and i'm quoting here, the nassau county police department is very concerned about the situation and the department will be conducting an investigation into this matter as well as reviewing our procedures for the disposing of sensitive documents. and by the way, identification experts say, look, from your social security number, your employee i.d., your license plate, somebody who knows what they're doing can find out a great deal of information about you. so, you know, we laugh. it is parade and stuff but that is your stuff. it was in the parade. megyn: went the effort to shred it, to presumably protect it from falling into the wrong hands. then somebody decided to take the shredded information and distribute it to the world. have a look. social security numbers. >> reporter: chop it up one more time. chop it this way. megyn: hemmer and i've been co-hosting fox news's coverage, five, almost six years now? they rained down confetti. people's confetti wishes that they rain down upon you. and, we get to write our own wishes and they distribute
10:29 am
those. hemmer's is always like world peace, or, you know, some nice blessing for us the country and then after, after i have already told him that mine is, i need to lose five pounds he reveals his. i mean i don't learn. like, i have to think of something big and benevolent this year and nothing about my waistline because he is a really good person. >> reporter: but when you're freezing up there for those new year's eve things, an extra five pounds is not all bad. megyn: thanks, trace. just, you know, send out the wishes. don't send out social security numbers and rap sheets. in a special piece of cyber monday irony there was a plan being pushed by china, russia and iran that would give the united nations control over the internet. we'll see what this week's u.n. vote could mean for your usage of the net here in america. and a victim of superstorm sandy who got a personal promise from the president, now speaking out
10:30 am
and calling the president's trip to new jersey, a big waste of time. as we await the white house press briefing the senate bracing itself for possible confirmation hearings on u.s. ambassador susan rice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. the buzz on this is growing but could the benghazi debacle sink her chances and should it? we'll have a fair and balanced debate on that next. >> i think if he does, it could be, that kind of arrogance which is what i think it would be could be his undoing, because if she is put under oath and forced to go through and answer all these questions about benghazi i think it will put the administration in a really bad position
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after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. megyn: fox news alert. we are awaiting a white house press briefing right now, and the dramatic developments in the middle east will likely be a hot topic. in addition to that, we may hear questions about what has become a bit of a controversy in the last couple weeks. potential nomination of u.n. ambassador susan rice to replace hillary clinton as our secretary of state. given the ambassador's remarks about benghazi, and how that led to some distrust from some key senate republicans and not just republicans. i mean now there is a bipartisan investigation into the way the administration handled this situation and what they told the american people about, through this woman, susan rice, columnist kirsten powers, columnist for "the daily beast", suggesting
10:35 am
nominating miss rice could be a very damaging thing for the president to do. >> well, i think if he does it could be, that kind of arrogance, which is what i think it would be could be his undoing because if she is put under oath and forced to go through and answer all these questions about benghazi i think it will put the administration in a really bad position. megyn: joining me now to discuss it, brad break man, formter deputy assistant to president george w. bush and the dick harputlin former chairman of the south carolina democratic party. does kirsten have a point, would be it arrogant for the president to nominate susan rice? >> i agree with her but i think. the senate has the right to confirm. if you already know the handwriting is on the wall why put yourself through that? especially when the president has very little capital to spend in a brutal election where he got nine
10:36 am
million less votes than he did last time, we have divided country. while the american people may have elected the status quo in governing they don't expect it in governance. and the president cot have a huge win for himself in nominating somebody like senator kerry is likely to walls in than have a battle royale which he will lose. megyn: what of that, dick? as a strategy is it harmful to the president to put her out there when it could turn her confirmation hearings into, hearings about benghazi? >> well, i think two things. we saw senator mccain on the talk shows this weekend backing up a little bit in terms of his opposition to her. number one. and number two, it is clear from everything she said since that statement and everything the administration said she was given talking points. she read them. she didn't have access to tell against and she put out what she was told to put out. i think it is important to recognize this president has a right to have the person he wants, not what the united states senate wants
10:37 am
but who he wants representing this country and him in dealing with foreign affairs, i think susan rice is more than qualified, more than competent and i'm convinced she will nominate her and she will be easily confirmed because as, her role of just reading these talking points was not coming up with any intelligence assessment and i think that is certainly, i think the congress has a right to understand why she was given these talking points when facts may have been somewhat different but that shouldn't affect in any way her confirmation. megyn: dana milbank of "the washington post" had a piece last week i think said, true, rice was following orders from the white house which she does well but the nation's top diplomat needs to show more sensitivity and independence. he says obama can do better at state than susan rice. so, i mean this isn't a guy known for his conservative leaning but he has a problem with her silence in the months, the months that followed, she just now spoke
10:38 am
out about why she said what she said. i will play that sound in a minute but, she has been silent for a really long time, brad. >> she has been silent and there is reason for it because she has been used by the administration, just following orders is not good enough. i was asked to go on fox news on 9/12. in the morning of 9/12 i said based on my experience there is no way this was in the a terrorist attack. it was the anniversary of 9/11. people don't come to a protest with ipgs and kind of artillery and ways of attacks that took place. clear to me, susan rice, who had a lot better information than i had as a citizen didn't push back on the information she is a dupe and shouldn't be put into a position of authority where she will do whatever she is told to do. that is not what a secretary of state should be doing, acting or expects others to give her orders that she will follow. megyn: is it ironic? the speculation that hillary clinton may have refused to go out on the sunday talk shows and say this was about
10:39 am
a video because the state department has been saying it knew from the moment it started that this was a terrorist attack. so wouldn't it be ironic if our current secretary of state refused to do it. our u.n. ambassador agreed to do it and our u.n. ambassador was somehow prevented becoming secretary of state because she did it, dick? >> that's, confusing set of circumstances there. i'm trying to get my arms around that. remember now, susan rice is just the ambassador to the u.n., number one. number two, -- >> that is very high post. just ambassador to the u.n.? comb on dick? she is one of one of our highest ranking diplomats? >> not true. i think she is just the ambassador to the u.n. she is not the secretary of state. she is given talking points. she read them and asked apparently not to comment after that. i don't see any problem here with her getting affirmed. >> dick --. megyn: let him finish.
10:40 am
>> why have the ambassador to the u.n., if she is nobody be on five sunday talk shows and president said she really didn't know much about it? why mr. president would you put somebody out who doesn't have anything to do with it then? that doesn't make sense? >> that is a great question for the president of the united states but not for susan rice. i think she is more than qualified and more than, i've known her for five years. she is bright. she is intelligent and she will do a hell of a job as secretary of state if the president chooses to nominate her. megyn: i do want to leave you with this. we don't have time to run it. she did come out and finally speak to this and say, i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by theence community. >> absolutely. megyn: i made clear the information was preliminary and our investigations would give us definitive answers. we shall see whether that is enough to satisfy her critic it is. gentlemen, thank you as always. >> thank you. megyn: the debate over end of year spending cuts and tax hikes seems to suggest a little more revenue will make america's budget problems go away but lou dobbs is next on why that
10:41 am
will likely not be the case. and it has been one month since rick leventhal got lashed by superstorm sandy in the town of point pleasant, new jersey, along with so many americans who suffered as a result of sandy but do our own rick leventhal returns to see how the residents are recovering and what he found has been a little troubling. >> there was about a six to 8-foot dune at the end of this block and all of that sand and the sand up and down the beach has now washed on to ocean avenue here.
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megyn: we've been watching the white house briefing room where we saw them testing some charts a short time ago on these automatic tax hikes and spending cuts now just weeks away. oh, joy they will bring props. they're supposed to meet with reporters at 2:15. they don't usually bring props out to meet with reporters. hmmm. even if these lawmakers and white house reach a deal to raise rates on top earners, will that significantly cut into our debt problem?
10:45 am
lou dobbs is the host of "lou dobbs tonight" on the fox business network. soak the rich and that will do it. >> simple deal. megyn: makes people feel better though. the rich, they have so much money. >> right. megyn: you know, why not, if somebody has to pay, why not make it be the rich and maybe that will make a dent. >> as a matter of fact, if we were to allow these rates to go ahead as it appears in fact this administration's intent upon doing, raising the top rate to 39., restoring higher rates whatever they may be ultimately for capital gains, this will not have a significant impact. i know i'm going to create quite a stir by saying this, it will not have a significant impact on the wealthy in this country. what it will do is play havoc with those people making somewhere between 100 and $250,000 a year. they will feel the pain sharply and profoundly. megyn: because their rates will go up as well? >> yeah, absolutely. right now we have a group of people who are exercising the maximum lack of
10:46 am
intellectual integrity. as this administration is talking about raising rates, give me a number. i'm sure you feel the same way. give me a number. megyn: you live in new york already 50%, between the state and city and feds you already pay 50%. >> what is the fair share? you will pay it. you tell me we will solve the fiscal cliff, we'll solve the debt problems, we'll deal with a dysfunctional government, we will resolve that, you tax me, you tell me what the number is, my wife and i will sign up. the fact of the matter most americans feel the same way but that isn't the issue. the issue is over 60% of the federal budget right now is going to entitlements. it is unsustainable. we have $4 trillion in unfunded and unfunded liabilities to public employees whether at local, the state, the county or federal level. we have a crisis here and we have, we have elected officials in both parties of the senate, of the house, and the white house acting irresponsibly and i think frankly, if it weren't so
10:47 am
serious it would be laughable because they continue to posture. they will have their little charts out there. they will have their little pies. their little bar charts. it is really going tock comical. megyn: it is a populist argument. we the administration don't want to tax the middle class. soak the rich to pay their fair share. >> they should. megyn: even if you raise taxes on the rich the point that funds the government for two months? >> about that. just about that. megyn: and then where do they go? >> then you will have to have more charts and another meeting in the afternoon in the white house. megyn: do taxes go down to the next layer now considers itself safe? >> here is reality. you can not, if you appropriated the wealth, all of the wealth, appropriated their wealth, you could not satisfy the deficits and the debt of this government. so this is, this is a lie. we have a fourth estate, a national liberal media that won't report honestly what is happening. megyn: on one hand they want to tax people more, rich
10:48 am
people more. >> sure. megyn: on the other hand they want to cut entitlement spending. there is, you know, are they really going to do that? no one, everybody is in favor of it in theory. but we ask them, what will you cut? nothing. not social security. not medicare. not medicaid. nothing. >> we can look at the white house and it's insistence upon higher tax rates and that is easy target and should be targeted and rebutted. the republican party has done what instead? they have acceded to the idea of higher taxes broadly. we heard over the weekend senator lindsey graham, congressman peter king, joining in --. megyn: but they're talking about closing loopholes and deductions that is what romney ran on and it has been republican position for a while. >> they just discovered it. where were they when the republican standard-bearer needed that support? there is lack of intellectual integrity surrounding this entire
10:49 am
issue. if they had any shame in washington, d.c. they would be embarassed. >> they are political animals. they have to think what is sellable to their constituents. when the simpson-bowles debt commission got together and we have to tackle the debt and it will kill us all, they said, what if we raised the age of social security retirement one year. went to 68. did it in 30 years. not going to do it right now, 30 years. dick durbin, wanted that. i will sign onto that, a democrat. we don't have the time. we have a dick durbin sound bite. dick durbin said that. he was in favor of that. >> i can't stand it. we're losing dick durbin sound bite. megyn: time is short. the point dick durbin couldn't sell it. >> dick durbin couldn't sell peanut butter to children. megyn: was raising retirement age one year, 20 or 30 years from now. >> here's the deal. the simpson-bowles commission was only a starter. it wasn't a solution.
10:50 am
the reality is this government is too big, growing too fast, trying to do too much for too many. a child, a 12-year-old with a basic understanding in this country that would equate to, a second grade math comprehension could understand this isn't working. and we have people playing such games, such silly games in washington. and do we go over the cliff? right now i would say the odds are very high that we do because these people have no appreciation for their responsibilities. either to themselves, their constituents or to the country. megyn: lou dobbs, always interesting talking to you. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. megyn: we'll call it a cyber monday twist. a group of countries led by china, russia and iran pushing for a deal this week that would give the united nations control over the internet. a look what that could mean for america just ahead. democracy under attack in egypt after that country's first freely elected president make as power grab putting him above the law.
10:51 am
during the spring, ambassador john bolton was first to warn we need to be careful what we wish for. he is back and what he thinks is the endgame for the hard-line muslim brotherhood now ears? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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10:54 am
megyn: a new jersey woman who met president obama as he toured devastation left behind by superstorm sandy is now speaking out. donna van zant who's marina was devoid in the storm tells the record that the president promised her immediate help. so far she has not received anything from her insurance companies or from the federal government. van zant even going so far to say that president obama's visit to new jersey was a waste of time. hire they are shown together. other parts of
10:55 am
new jersey also recovering one month after the storm. this is what it looked like in point pleasant beach right after sandy hit. homes buried in four feet of sand. siding ripped off, roads flooded. rick leventhal is back in point pleasant beach. >> reporter: and, megyn, there is still so much work left to be done. there was a huge pile of debris in front of this ocean home that was picked up by a crane and a dump truck. the dunes have also been partially rebuilt. those were completely washed away during the storm. we want to walk down to ocean avenue here. you can see a lot of debris on the side of the road and a lot of sand that is still here. i want you to look at video from four weeks ago tomorrow, the day after the storm, when ocean avenue was buried under several feet of sand. it was impasseable. they brought in heavy equipment to try to clear the sand out of the way so they could reopen the road and emergency vehicles could get through.
10:56 am
and we'll give you a live look now as you look down ocean avenue, what it looks like today. still a lot of construction vehicles out here. a lot of debris that needs to be cleaned up. the road obviously has been reopened. but if you look at this house on the corner you can see the picket fence is still buried in sand. many of these homes still don't have power. megyn, the work here is just beginning. the white sands hotel we rode out the storm is now open. they want people to know that. the oceanfront portion of the hotel is closed. they hope to get that open by memorial weekend. megyn: police cruisers out as well. rick leventhal, thank you. a high level meeting expected at the white house on a potential tax deal. there is talk of pushing back the retire age, changing mortgage deductions and putting a cap on social security. we'll show you who could end up paying and how much just ahead as both sides try to work this out. and new questions about whether the casey anthony case can be reopened or
10:57 am
whether anything can be done after the shocking ref veallation a key piece of evidence was overlooked by investigators. we'll take a look in "kelly's court". >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty, so say we all, dated at orlando --
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
megyn: a fox news alert as we await news from the white house on tax hikes and spending cuts. we are hearing there is little progress to report in the negotiations to avoid financial penalty that will affect the bottom line of almost every american. i'm megyn kelly. we should hear from the white house on the negotiation to come up with some sort of budget deal after years of lawmakers ducking top choices. there is talk of pushing babt retirement age. changing mortgage deductions and rewriting the rules for charitable giving.
11:01 am
with lawmakers making lit progress in attempt to avoid going off the so-called cliff doing just that seems more and more likely. ed henry is live on the lawn. they are getting props ready for the press briefing in response to which we all said ... we'll look forward to that. >> reporter: i know you are excited. it will be exciting when jay come out with those props. this is the first real update from the white house and the thanksgiving holiday on where these talks are as we move closer to the fiscal cliff. there is some hope we are hearing from sources on capitol hill that there will be a meeting with president later this week. there was one before thanksgiving. both sides were expressing optimism in terms of talks. but since then there has been very little action.
11:02 am
you have on one side republican lawmakers saying they are largely dug in and not want to go raise taxes. then on the democratic side you have some folks like dick durbin, a top democrat in the senate saying he wants everything on the table in terms of spending cuts. but when he was pressed by george stephanopoulos on how about raising the age for eligibility for medicare, he says that could result in problems with senior citizens having gaps in their healthcare coverage. makes baucus said he wants to make sure rural hospitals are taken care of. he wants to see wind tax credits for wind farms in montana. if you see lawmakers lining up behind their interests in their state, it's going to be hard when you have got republicans saying we don't want to raise taxes, democrats saying we want
11:03 am
to cut spending but don't cut the spending in my state. megyn: do you think they will bring a pointer? >> reporter: i don't know if it will and ross perot-style briefing. but we'll report every moment of it. megyn: nearly all americans will see their taxes go up if the president and congress do not reach a budget deal by january 1. 158 million americans would be affected. each household would pay an average of $3,500 more each year in taxes. 88% of house old would see their taxes ride. rule every american is expected to feel the pinch. we'll break down the numbers on the latest proposals and see who maintains what depending on what kind of deal is reached. and are you not one of the so-called rich.
11:04 am
no one company or governing body runs the it net. that helped the worldwide interest neat to grow in the way it has to spur democratic movement. a u.n. summit next week could put a little known united nations agency in charge worldwide web. and countries like china, russia, and iran are actively lobbying for new global rules that can allow them to, for example eavesdrop at will or sensor content. rick gold stein is the director of the project. it's no surprise china and iran and russia would love to control the internet. about it's a surprise they are going to have some conference with the u.n. in dubai next week. we are attending and this is going to be the topic? >> looking at the history of the
11:05 am
united nations and how it triumphed on free speech. i'm not surprised. we have seen a coordinated effort about it ear rob league, the united nations and countries like chicago in, iran and russia try to wrestle control of the internet from the non-prove it. from the engineering organizations that provide the regulations and protocol into government hands. the united nations will legitimize this. megyn: they censor the internet already, so how much more control do they want? >> they want legitimacy and coordinated control. what this will result in, people are predicting, is a fractured internet, an internet that changes depending on whose borders you are in. what it will result in are high levels of taxes for internet providers so you would face
11:06 am
companies like google or yahoo who want to provide their services to russiao or china will be taxed. it will create a highly coordinated censorship. something we have never seen before. and it will be legitimized by the united nations. while you think the obama administration would stand firm against this type of censorship we are seeing condemnations of it. he said quote we don't want to preach to others. the contrary is true. we have a responsibility to preach to on the terse what free speech regulations are not aloud on the internet. megyn: kramer says they won't let this u.n. body expand its authority to the internet. we stand opposed to the push. but the question is whether we
11:07 am
need to be the leader in the opposition. we had you on in the wake of the benghazi thing. we came out and criticized this video harshly. but the middle east protests were to some extent about this video that criticized the prophet mohammad. there was a question whether our government should have been saying we don't like the message but we stand for free speech whether we love it or hate it and this raises similar issues. >> our government gave the same qualified condemnations of the violence. they said the unite united stats doesn't support the defamation of religion. that not true. the u.s. supreme court has ruled time and time again that even the most offensive speech
11:08 am
critical of government and religion is protected. the internet is an extremely powerful tool. how do we know that? because there is a move to the try and censor it. what can the united states do? in my opinion practically nothing. if you have countries getting together coordinating regulations i don't see much we can do to change how they are going to tax u.s. based companies. megyn: terry kramer about go to the dubai meeting and oppose this. but will also say we'll be careful because we don't want to preach to others. we need to be in a position of forcefully advocating what we believe in this -- believe in in this country. but iran? china? will they be moved? >> we have to look how the
11:09 am
internet has been regulated. because it's based in the united states, the u.s. slaw controls what domain names are issued. so, yes, we can preach in that sense. if you look at the engineering task force. they operate under the basis of what is going to create a free and open internet. what we need to do is maintain controls over the non-profit organizations that to date have been able to regulate or prevent extreme regulations on the internet. megyn: we have google starting a petition for a free and open internet. they are watching. coming up. ambassador john bolton was one of the first to warn that folks needed to be careful when they wishinged for when the arab
11:10 am
spring drove hosni mubarak from power in egypt. he was a dictator but he because pro western dictator in many ways. now that president morsi has effectively declared himself a dictator, ambassador bolton will join us to tell us what he thinks the interest game is for this muslim brotherhood leader of egypt. an actress is in an ugly custody battle. halle barrie's ex-husband and per boyfriend come to blows. a search that it appears casey anthony conducted on the day cally went missing. what are the implications? >> as to the charge of first
11:11 am
degree murder, verdict as to count one we the you're fine the defendant no not guilty. on this fifth day of jewel 2011. signed foreperson. it's a smell of a good time. this is the juniper! oh that is magical. [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chiles, you'll get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-togeth better. maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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11:14 am
megyn: we could hear on the big budget worry at home as well as the crisis in egypt. mohamed morsi gave himself complete control of egypt days after president obama praised him for hoping to broker a truce between israel and hamas. all of this raising questions about our relationship with a country we support with $2 billion a year in aid. john bolton who is also a fox news contributor. we sat together, watched the
11:15 am
arab spring in wera concerns a pro western dictator was going to go and get replaced by some sort of democratic process. a lot of people watched that arab spring thinking its many democracy. you said repeatedly be careful what you wish for. now we have the muslim brotherhood dictator? is that what he is? >> i think he's an aspiring muslim brotherhood dictator. perhaps he anticipated it, perhaps he didn't. maybe they will find a compromise solution. what was important was it showed his true colors. this is the way he wants to go. he wants to be insulated from judicial review. he consequence a constitution that's congenial for the muslim
11:16 am
brotherhood and he felt emboldened 24 hours after the announcement of the gaza cease-fire to make this power grab. you heard essentially nothing from the white house or from our european friends about this whole thing. despite his difficulties in domestic egyptian political terms, internationally he has had a free hand. >> it's the hive length our president saying i'm above the judiciary. that what this guy has effectively done. and so far we have responded with a paper statement from the state department that's saying. those decisions raise concerns and calling for calm. i mean, do we need to be more forceful? >> that's hardly a response at all. you have to look at this as a political struggle. it many not that the judiciary
11:17 am
is a paradigm of independence from prior political forces.cout declared invalid a parliamentary election that gave the muslim broiterhood and radical groups a 75% majority. so from morsi's point of view he sees the judges as the mubarak era. this is a political struggle for the future in which the whern style pro democracy advocates play a tiny role. megyn: how bad is this for america. there was a dictator in place. i don't know what morsi is, is he an autocrat? is he a dictator? we had a dictator now we seem to have another guy who is at least power hungry. the difference is this guy is a member of the muslim
11:18 am
brotherhood. is that about it? >> and how supportive he will be of american efforts to bring peace and stability in the middle east. i side with franklin roosevelt's view on this. back when he was president somebody complained about the then nicaragua dictator. and said he was an s.o.b. and roosevelt says yes, but he's our s.o.b. now morsi may be part of that description but he's definitely not ours. that's where america has suffered a strategic setback. megyn: he seemed to play an instrumental role in brokering this truce between israel and hamas. >> that depend on whether you think this truce means anything. it does represent a cessation of hostility. but on balance the advantage goes to hamas and more
11:19 am
critically it goes to iran. i don't necessarily think morsi's role was all that beneficial. i think in fact it was pressure the obama administration on both israel and the egyptians that led to the cease-fire, not necessarily brokering by morsi. but even granted that i might be wrong on that. morsi came away from half a dozen telephone conversations with president obama thinking that once the cease-fire was announced he could announce this power grab and not have the united states come down on him, an was right about that. megyn: we give them billions of dollars of aid every year. this weekend senator carl levin, democrats and chairman of the senate armed services committee says president obama must strig mall strong concerns about this power grab.
11:20 am
the white house has to be listening to that to some extent. what should president obama do? >> i think he should stop any debt reduction that we have been talking about with egypt. he should put on hold the imf agreement they recently signed with egypt. if i would suspend economic aid. i would not us extend military aid because we are talking about a divided the egyptian government with the military more responsive to the united states. this is a very complicated situation inside egypt. there are different political factions, military, the muslim brotherhood. other supporters of mubarak. a small band of no democracy people. there is a lot here we have to be aware of as we try and press american interests. i would rely in this case mostly on the military. they are the ones we have given
11:21 am
the bulk of the assistance to and if they are not responsive to it then we'll cut them off, too. megyn: ambassador bolton, thank you, sir. new developments just ahead on a teacher cheating scandal so significant the u.s. attorney of the office is cam plain can it deserved more attention. it voastled an educator as a ring leader that sent imposters to take the entranc the even --e teaching exams. what do we know about who pays what in this coming tax deal? we are hearing talk about pushing back retirement age, change mortgage deductions and rewriting the rules for charitable giving. look at what's on the table for
11:22 am
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11:25 am
megyn: 2:25 in the east. potential game changer for high seas supremacy. china shows it wants to be a naval power in the pacific and perhaps beyond. it land a fighter jet on the first aircraft carrier. the carrier officially entered service in september. it's not yet considered combat ready. china spent 10 years refurbishing the soviet ship after buying it from the ukraine.
11:26 am
megyn: halle berry is embroiled in a custody battle with her ex after he went after her fiance in a thanksgiving fistfight that ended with an order of protection. >> reporter: the ex-boyfriend, the one you showed first, he's a 37-year-old. he's the father of halle berri' 4-year-old daughter. since they split up in 2010 it has been very, very ugly. earlier this month halle berry tried to move with her daughter to france but the father and the judge ruled she could not leave. so the dad dropped the daughter off at the home.
11:27 am
the new boyfriend confronts the old boyfriend in the driveway. so rumble in the driveway and both of them end up at the very same hospital. seat shiner on the left eye. they end up down the hall from each other in los angeles. then halle berry gets an emergency restraining order on old boyfriend on the left and tuesday tomorrow she'll go to court to see if the judge will extend that restraining order to keep him away from her, her daughter and her new man. not exactly the tiger woods scandal of a few years ago on thanksgiving. but a fairly decent hollywood scandal nonetheless. and punches thrown in between. megyn: you all hit the genetic
11:28 am
lottery. i think of martinez where he said there is no right or wrong. there is only what do you and what you don't do. maybe it has come back to haunt him. >> reporter: that's very good. as lawmakers work to spare every american from potential tax hikes we'll look at who can get hit the hardest. >> our taxes are about to go up >> not the tax on our dividends, right? that's a big part of our retirement. >> it's dividend, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double >> we depend on our dividends to pay our bills. questions?
11:29 am
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11:32 am
and you don't have to be an aarp member to enroll. unitedhealthcare is committed to delivering a health care experience you'll truly value. call today. i am so ready to call. megyn: off to the white house where allen kruger is speak. as promised they brought charts. let's take a brief listen. >> the report suggests the consumer confidence would affect retail sales. the initial report would seem to be i have had record retail sales in the holiday season. what accounts for that? do you think there could be a
11:33 am
slide after this? and in what responsibility does the white house have in helping the consumer confidence over the next few days. >> that's a great question. i think we have a lot of evidence consumer confidence does affect consumer spending and does affect the economy. our estimates do not take into account change in consumer spending. megyn: with all due respect to allen. it's all greek unless you have someone who can explain it to you. they are arguing what's going to happen if these bush tax cuts that about to expire do expire. we'll explore that now. because we do want to talk about the so-called fiscal cliff and what is likely to happen january 1. we heard a lot of ideas floated about how to close this gap we are looking at, including the
11:34 am
always popular higher tax rates on the wealthy. we heard suggestions about possible changes to mortgage interest deductions or getting rid of those or limiting those. minimum payments and retirement ages for social security could see changes as well. should we do means testing for social security? and it could also mean new limit or changes for charitable contributions. maybe you won't be able to take those anymore depend opening what happens coming up in 2013. joining me now a former adviser to the new jersey governor. and the ceo and founder of john thomas financial. what they are talking about is -- we don't have a deal, we are trying to reach a deal. we are about to see huge tax hikes and defense cuts and a bunch of other tax and popular
11:35 am
measures that will go ... if this deal kicks. now they found a way to avoid that. it's done. time is out. they are very, very focused now. we heard republicans focusing more on not raising tax rates for the rich but getting rid these loopholes, deductions for the rich which is what romney talked about without specifics. what is specifically likely to go away and for whom. >> i think at the end it goes further that that. none of those solutions really close the gap. they don't get you closed. they are all a drop in the bucket. that's what's so terrifying about this problem. without the accompanying cut in spending, big cuts, this huge gap is going to continue. if you confiscated all the wealth of the top 2%. take away their money and give it to the government it wouldn't involve the problem.
11:36 am
we have a huge hole. megyn: that's the argument it many a start, why not start on the backs of the rich? >> i would support that versus getting rid of the mortgage deduction because that does help the middle class and homeownership. >> who knows at this point. i used to work in the senate. these guys are experts sat kicking the can down the road. i know these guys and i know their ability to kick the can down the road. everybody is saying it's a negotiation tactic. i'm not so sure. i think they are so committed to their respective base it will be hard for them to do the statesman like thing where we haven't heard in a long time. megyn: even if you do raise taxes on the rich. let's say the entire country gets behind this. let's say the entire country got behind doing that, it won't
11:37 am
solve the problem. something else will have to happen. other people besides the rich will have to get taxed. and/or we'll have to have huge spending cuts, not little bitty spending cuts. but a trillion dollars over 10 years. we need huge spending cuts to get us out this mess. >> i have to say that i do believe it's going to come down to the wire. but there will and resolution to the fiscal cliff. will let me tell you why. the president is not going on reelection. so he has the opportunity to bring both parties together to show resolution that we can come together to do what's best for the economy. the negatives farout wha negatie compromise. you will have the unemployment go up.
11:38 am
the payroll -- megyn: if you think it's just the rich you are wrong. the unemployment benefits. >> what's scary is there is only one solution to supporting this enormous government the what it is and continuing down this road. it's a value added tax. that is the tax on everything along the way. every time you add value you get taxed. you do anything on you see it. if it were 10% fit would raise $750 billion in a year. but the argument against that, instead of starving the beast and bringing costs in line this creates a whole new revenue stream, a monster in government that would just get larger and large and crowd out private spending and innovation. when apple makes the decision to make an investment and invent the ipod, there are so manied
11:39 am
a-on industries. people that make it damage ets to go with it. when you crowd out that investment because the government takes that money away, they think they know better, that stalls the economy. that stalls america. megyn: in theory you think let's soak the rich. the way we enjoy the story about halle berry and those two beautiful men. there is something about beautiful people that makes you want to hear about their imperfections. it's the same sort of feeling about the rich. you don't mind if they are made to pay more. but the question is where does that money go and are they the only only ones likely to get soaked. we talked about whether we would see more jeff neely in the tub.
11:40 am
i don't want to pay for his second glass. people like that are not going to get soaked if they are asked to pay a little bit more. the larger concern are the spending cuts. the defense cuts. medicare, social security. medicaid. there is a special interest group in d.c. for every single one of these. megyn: the smaller sort of -- we talked about durbin who agreed, let's raise the retirement age for social security for one year. i can get behind that. but not immediately. 20 or 30 years down the line, and it was, you can't do it. there is no will to do any change. >> there is no political will to raise -- when you are tapped with social security. raise it a little bit.
11:41 am
there are certain things you can tinker with. i don't know if it will solve your problems. >> those things don't make the difference. i think it's like the vat tax. whether than everyone focusing on their piece of the pie, we should be focusing on growing the whole pie. megyn: the first debate where he did so well he talked about growth. how do you -- easier said than done. >> everything works upon confidence. why they should spend in certain areas for their business to grow. until we have a resolution to that, a defined the resolution that makes sense. no one will spent on their businesses. that's exactly what we need to do. megyn: if you hike the taxes --
11:42 am
$250,000 and over including a lot of businesses, do we see decreased growth or is that a republican talking point. >> you will see decreased growth and people holding back on spending. right now until there is a defines resolution, a compromise in washington. you are both going to walk away being unhappy. unless they are unhappy on both ends there won't be a deal. megyn: thank you very much. good debate as always. what do we have, five weeks to go until new year? new fallout on a cheating scandal that involves a teacher's exam. the accused ring leader is a long-time respected educator. melissa loves "kelly's court." it's a favorite part of "america
11:43 am
live." her acquittal was a shocker. the key evidence investigators missed in the casey anthony murder case that could have turned this verdict other way. can anything be done? "kelly's court" is next. twins. i didn't see them coming.
11:44 am
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. new revelations in the casey anthony case suggest the sheriff's department missed a key piece of evidence. the computer investigator apparently overlooking a search on casey's computer for quote foolproof suffocation methods on the day little caylee was last seen alive. can the case be reopened? joining me his we'll and mark
11:47 am
eiglarsh. it's incredible to me. the anthony home computer only searched the internet explorer search engine and didn't look at this fire fox. you know how you click on the various icons. he only searched the one and not the other one. the other one thanks to a news organization that got it hand on it and reviewed the record saw someone in the anthony home searched foolproof suffocation on the day she went missing. >> they missed 1,200 other messages. it was the defense was able to find it before they went to trial. but of course the defense doesn't have to give that over to the prosecution it was as simple as typing in suffocating versus suffocation. it was an example of gross error
11:48 am
negligence. megyn: this is horrifying. the jury didn't have all the facts. jose baez said we had it. we were waiting for the state to bring it up. it seemed like a critical piece of evidence for their side and when they didn't we were shocked. is this malpractice? >> it clearly is negligence. but my position is, number one be it is gross negligence and they hopefully increased their level awareness. it's not goggle. it's google. but i don't think it would have made a difference. i reviewed what the jurors were saying. they were saying there was reasonable doubt and they never proved to us how this death occurred. they can't have a motive. to them -- not to me because i was ready to conduct -- to them they needed that this search does not tip the scales.
11:49 am
>> one juror having found out about this did go on the record. he said if we had found that absolutely that would hah made a difference because it would a made it so it could not and natural death. >> that's somebody trying to avoid public scorn. megyn: one of the questions is -- her defense was the child drowned in this swimming pool and george anthony let that happen, casey's father an was riddled with guilt that caylee died in his care. the defense will argue he was on there googling how to suffocate one's self. >> listen. the bottom line is you are right and that's why she is the most hated woman in america. most people have reached a
11:50 am
conclusion she is guilty. there is a reason the jurors voted 10-2 to find her not guilty. and why many of them were crying and literally quote sick to their stomach is one one juror described it when they had to find her not guilty. there is a difference between them believing she is guilty but not having the evidence. megyn: is there any way of reopening this case? >> no. >> double jeopardy means you cannot open a case on the same facts. >> the answer is no. >> but what about the case could be opened in federal court based on disposal of a body. a federal claim, not a state claim. megyn: she didn't cross state lines. >> it's not a crossing state lines issue. >> i would just tell my law students that was a creative answer lis just gave but not
11:51 am
based on reality. megyn: in o.j. the families of the decedents brought the case. the one guy who was suspected is dead. casey would be the defendant and her parents were involved in this. so it's just a mess. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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11:54 am
megyn: investigators say the was a brazen scheme that went on for years. helping aspiring teachers cheat their way into jobs in several states. teachers paying i am posters up to $3,000 to take their qualifying exams for them. >> reporter: we spoke to the u.s. attorney's office and they are surprised more people aren't covering this because they believe it could be a lot more of these cheating teachers out
11:55 am
there. this scam, whatever you call it, ran for 15 years. so far only 14 teachers have been indicted. but we should note those 14 teachers did teach thousands of students during their careers. here is the point. police say clarence mumford would get $1,500 to $3,000 from these aspiring teachers in in return he would create phoney driver's license with the aspire's teacher's name and address but pictures of the ringers. the results would be sent to the address on the license. one of those teachers busted is a former athlete. he was a star at the university of tennessee. he's one of the 14 that so dpar has been indicted but the prosecutor believes there are other teachers out there. the cops say the was easy for them to cheat because the people
11:56 am
giving the test, it's not likes they were the tsa agents. he were just check it iing go take your test. south was easy to make phoney driver's license and get phoney result. the kids are the big loser because they get the lousy teacher. megyn: thanks. a new company promises to secretly spy on teenaged drivers all in the name of safety behind the wheel. is this an invasion of privacy? hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
11:57 am
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? : continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. >>megyn: an iconic american brand hawking twinkies and cupcakes for 50 cents as they shut down operations a store sold 2,100 twinkies in less than 15 minutes as folks grabbed up the last a now extinct

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